Monday, December 15, 2014

My Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway!!!!

     Tis the season to be glam  and to finally launch my annual "My Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway". This is my way  to showcase some of my absolute favorite products of 2014 and to say "Thank You" for all of the support, referrals, following, and sharing the love of Sta-Glam!

   There are three ways you can enter, and you can earn multiple entries by doing all three.

 The following are the ways you can enter:
-Commenting on this blog post and subscribing to the blog
-Commenting on the Sta-Glam Facebook page post (must be a fan)
-Pinning and  this post on Pinterest
You may enter once a day  on all three places starting Monday December 15th and ending on Thursday December 18th at Midnight.

    Five lucky winners will win one of the following:  Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette, Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette and Sta-Glam gloss in Mocha, Lorac Pro Palette 2 and Sta-Glam gloss in Inspired, Lorac Pro Palette and Sta-Glam gloss in Aubrey, and Urban Decay Lipstick Sampler.

Winners will be chosen by and  announced on Friday December 19th! Best of luck and Happy Holidays from Sta-Glam!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Get the look with L'oreal Infallibe, my favorite drugstore eyeshadow!

      Happy summer gorgeous girlies! Hope you are wearing your sunscreen so you don't turn into a raisin, I kid, I kid, actually no I aam not kidding, wrinkles are for real people!  It has been a minute since my last post, things have been extremely crazy busy between weddings and starting the boutique (will go into deets about that in my next post!) but I am back and talking eyeshadows.

  I must admit, I am kind of a snob when it comes to eyeshadows, I love me some Urban Decay, Mac, Lorac Pro, Makeup Geek, Stila, Makeup Forever, Smashbox, seriously I could go on and on and on! However, I am super stoked to share with you my absolute favorite drugstore eyeshadow . If you don't already have this in your makeup stash, you must rush out and get it like yesterday. It is seriously amazing, worth every penny, life changing, a must have, omg can you say stop being so dramatic Carrie?
   Without further adieu, Loreal's Infallible eyeshadows! Pictured here, is Amber Rush, a
 beautiful golden rose color that pretty much looks amazing on every eye color, especially when paired with blue eyes.

 L'Oreal Infallible in Amber Rush
The stunning Hayley!

    I did this look on Hayley, a maid of honor from one of myJune weddings. I first primed the lids with Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin (a staple in my kit) and layered L'Oreal's Amber Rush on top all over the lid. I recommend using either a shader or concealer brush for  applying cream shadows to get an even and smooth application. On Hayley, I used the Sta-Glam Shader brush. I paired this look up Lorac's Unzipped Palette, my absolute favorite palette for blue eyed beauties. Next I applied the shade "Unconditional" with my Sta-Glam Fluffy Blending brush in the upper crease of the eye in a windshield wiper motion. After that, I darkened the crease up using my Sta-Glam crease brush with the shade "Unbridled" which is a gorgeous very warm brown color. Lastly, I applied the shadow "Untamed" with my Sta-Glam pencil brush in the outer v of the eye and blended it out with my St-Glam fluffy blending brush. I also used that color underneath the bottom lash line with my Sta-Glam smudge brush to add some extra drama. Hayley rocked this look!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment with any questions! Also, all brushes mentioned in this post are available for purchase at my website


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Makeup Geek Sparkly Smokey Eye Tutorial

Looking for a dramatic eye, with a pop of sparkle?! Look no further, this tutorial is meant for you! It is perfect for a date night, prom, or holiday party, or if you are me just be bopping around Target.

For this look I used all Makeup Geek shadows, pigments and Sephora glitter primer (a new favorite, helps eliminate fallout when using any type of loose shadow or pigment).

1) Prime lid with Sephora Glitter Primer
2) Apply Makeup Geek Shadow in Peach Smoothie above crease with Sta-Glam fluffy blending brush
3) Apply Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma to entire lid using Sta-Glam shader brush
4) Apply Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear (I am obsessed with this rich brown color!) to crease using Sta-Glam crease brush

 5) With Sta-Glam pencil brush, apply Makeup Geek Corrupt to outer v, really accentuating that outside corner of the eye. Then with Sta-Glam fluffy blending brush, blend outwards and up into the crease in a wind shield wiper motion. Remember, when in doubt, blend it out!
6) Last step I promise!!! Apply Makeup Geek pigment Utopia to inner and mid lid using Sta-Glam Shader brush
Bam! You either nailed it or look like you got punched in the face :) Just Kidding! To finish off this look, I used Sta-Glam Angled liner brush with Elf Gel Liner in Black. On lips, I am rocking Sta-Glam Lipgloss in Envy. It is my go to gloss when wearing a more dramatic eye.

All of the brushes and lipglosses can be found over at website and click on the link "my store".
Carrie :)



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Makeup Geek and MAC Customized Palette

   It is no secret that I have serious product ADD, I am always on the lookout for new fun products to expand my kit and when I heard about Make Up Geek Shadows from a fellow MUA (Thanks Rachel!) I knew I needed them like yesterday!

The top two rows of my palette are the new shadows that I ordered, at six bucks a piece you can't beat them and honestly I cannot tell them apart from my MAC shadows that make up the bottom two rows of my palette. They are insanely pigmented, have very minimum fallout and blend like a dream! I also ordered this zebra print z palette (I have a serious thing for animal print!) from

 My customized palette from left to right:
 Row One: Makeup Geek Mocha, Unexpected, Prom Night, Drama Queen, Shimma Shimma,  Crème Brule, and Mac Expensive Pink
Row Two: Makeup Geek Glamorous, Cocoa Bear (my absolute fave!) Beaches and Cream, Hipster, Peach Smoothie, Corrupt, Mac Phloof
Row Three: Mac All that Glitters, Cranberry, Naked Lunch, Mythology, Coppering, Bronze, and Sable
Row Four: Mac Nylon (the perfect brow highlight), Mylar, Jest, Espresso, Carbon, Shroom, and Wookdwinked
Check back soon for a tutorial for this look using all makeup Geek Shadows!
Carrie :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Scoop on the new Sta-Glam Foundation Brush

     Happy May! Bring on the warm weather, proms, Mother's Day (which should be every day in my opinion), weddings ( I have eight this month!) and my eight year wedding anniversary (my hubby must be a saint!) May is on point to be yet another fabulous month in Sta-Glam land, especially since I have added yet another brush to my Sta-Glam Brush Collection!

    As a makeup artist who primarily offers airbrush, I often get asked if I airbrush myself daily. In an ideal world I would, because airbrush always leave my skin looking flawless and offers such a light weight feel. However, because I am a busy Mom of two who often rocks a messy topknot, workout clothes, and orders takeout likes it is my J-O-B (think the anti Martha Stewart), I don't always have the time or energy to paint a full face.

    Why is the new Sta-Glam brush so amazing you ask?  It is a foundation brush that gently buffs the foundation (whether it be liquid or powder) into the skin for an even airbrush finish, Unlike sponges and your hands (eek, do people really put their greasy hands to apply foundation) this foundation brush does not soak up the excess product, which means less wasted foundation. This dense brush which is round in shape allows an easy application on the curves of your face such as jawline and blends seamlessly into the skin.

To use the brush, I start out on the middle of my face in the nose area and blend outward in circular motion, over the entirety of the face (both sides) and jawline. I plan on doing video tutorial soon to better demonstrate, but until then I will leave you with this side by side comparison picture.

These brushes can be found at my online store at for $15 plus tax and shipping. Feel free to comment or email me with any questions!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 Tutorial using Sta-Glam Brushes


Get this look using the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and Sta-Glam Brushes!

1) Prime lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin

 2) Apply Tease above crease with the Sta-Glam Fluffy Blending Brush in a wind shied wiper motion

3) Apply Pistol in the crease with the Sta-Glam Fluffy Crease brush

4) Apply Verve all over lid with Sta-Glam Shader Brush

5) Apply Busted on outer v with the Sta-Glam Fluffy Crease Brush in a circular motion, Use Sta-Glam Fluffy Blending Brush (with no product) and blend busted out into the corners and crease.

6) Line lids with Gel liner (I used L'Oreal Infallible in blackest black) using the Sta-Glam Angled liner Brush

7) Apply Busted below bottom lash line using Sta-Glam Smudge Brush

Sta-Glam Brushes can be purchased through my online store at:

Thanks so much for reading! Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Did you smell that plastic burning yesterday? Yes, that was my credit card after yesterday's Sephora haul! Seriously, that place is my happy place and I could spend hours in there, however I had my two year old with me so my trip lasted as long as his sucker.


 Benefit gimme brow : I am always on the hunt for brow products to boost up sparse brows while grooming them. Loved the fact that this product consists of fibers that attaches to the brows that help create the illusion of a fuller brow. I used this product this morning, and the jury is still out. I definitely like it, but not sure if it is a must have.

 Bite Agave Lip Mask: I am feeling the repercussions of this brutal winter, especially on my lips.  I tried a sample in the store and was hooked! I found that exfoliating my lips with my tooth brush and then applying the mask was a perfect combo. My lips feel amazing and my lip gloss is popping (lol).

 Make Up Forever High Definition Cream Blush in 425: Gorgeous coral blush that will look amazing this summer on sun kissed skin. It is a cream to powder formula, and it blends like a dream for the perfect application. Highly recommend!

 Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Brown: Anastasia knows her brows! I really wanted to try the dip brow however Sephora is sold out in store and on line. I settled for this pencil, and I love! It is the perfect color for filling in my brows. It glides smooth and when gently applied and perfectly mimics the illusion of tiny hairs. Definitely will be buying more of these for my kit.

New products always call for a selfie! Love how fuller yet softer my brows are looking. I filled them in with the Anastasia Brow Pencil and went over them with the Benefit Gimme Brow.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Monday, April 7, 2014

Lusting for longer fuller lashes? Check out my five current favorite mascaras that will take your lashes from drab to fab in just a few strokes of a wand.

1. Benefit They're Real

Hands down the best mascara on the market. The formula is spot on and the wand design is ingenious. The graduated bristles can bring even the sparsest of lashes to life. Definitely worth its $23 price tag!

2. L'Oreal Double Extend

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the whole fiber tubing mascara, but this mascara is in a league of its own. This two step application process is quick and easy, and leaves your lashes looking noticeably longer and fuller, without the creepy spider leg look. Bonus, this mascara is virtually clump free and you can skip curling your lashes as it is that awesome! This is my current personal favorite.

3. L'Oreal Voluminous

A must have it my kit. This is a fool proof mascara that is a staple for many make up artists. The formula is awesome for adding fullness and length to lashes with out the clumping. Definitely cannot go wrong with this one.

4. L'Oreal Butterfly Effect

L'Oreal knows how to make their mascaras! I compare this to a dupe of Benefit's they're real with the graduated bristle length although this wand is angled unlike Benefit's traditional wand shape. I love the how the brush is angled allowing an even and flawless application to the hardest of reach lashes and is also fabulous for those baby bottom lashes.

5. Buxom

Once again, it is the wand design that puts this one in a league of its own. I received a sample of this in of my Sephora gift bags, and I found myself constantly reaching for it. The wand is curved with various length of bristles which is a game changer for lashes. The formula is fabulous as well, it is definitely a product worth splurging for!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crazy for Corals! Sta-Glam's spring line of lipglosses have arrive!

   There's just something about coral that I just cannot get enough of. Whether it be nails, clothes, or lips it is simply a fabulous color  to put you in the mood for spring and summer (Did you hear that mother nature!?). Personally I feel there is no better way to snap out of that winter funk then with a pop of coral on your lips!

  Say hello to Coral Kiss and Sugar Daddy (the hubby finally got one named after him, lol), Sta-Glam's spring line of lippies!


Thanks to my gorgeous friend and hair stylist Trina for modeling Sugar Daddy!

Here I am modeling Coral Kiss!


   To purchase your Sta-Glam glosses go to: 
Happy Spring!
Carrie :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

      Hey everyone! So excited to finally sit down and give you the scoop on my new Sta-Glam Brush line. As you all know, I teach group and individual Make 101 lessons and I always struggled on finding affordable and quality brushes to recommend to my clients. It is no secret that I love Mac brushes, especially the 217 crease brush, which I swear is life changing when you are a makeup junkie like myself. However, I was not comfortable recommending such pricey items to my clients, and that my friends is how the Sta-Glam brushes were born (or manufactured for a lack of better words?!).

      The Sta-Glam brushes are a private label line that include  six eye brushes that I swear by to get the perfect smokey eye finished with the ever popular and my fave the winged liner. What about my favorite Mac 217 brush you ask? You know I have you covered with a brush that is almost an exact dupe with my version of the fluffy crease brush.

1)  Smudge Brush: Another fave of mine. Tiny but mighty, this brush is used to line the bottom of your lashes with shadow for a faux liner look and also can be used to smudge out your top liner for a softer look yet sexy look.
2)  Shader Brush: Use this brush to apply shadow to the entirety of the lid. Perfect for building up color. Make sure to pat your shadow on your lid as opposed to swiping the color all over your lid for better pigment payoff and less shadow fallout.
3) Fluffy Blending Brush: A must have, makeup artist or not! This brush is used to blend out harsh lines from transitioning  shadow colors giving your shadow a polished and gradient look. When it doubt blend it out!
4) Fluffy Crease Brush: My version of the Mac 217, but at a fourth of the price! This brush is used to apply color to the crease of the eye, on and above in a wind shield wiper motion. Cannot say enough about how awesome this brush is!
5) Precision Pencil Brush: Perfect brush for applying shadow (usually the darkest color of shadow) to the outer v of the eye to get that bombshell smoky eye!  Also, used to smoke out shadow on the bottom of lashes for a more dramatic look.
6) Angled liner brush: Pair this brush with gel liner (L'Oreal infallible is my go to!) and apply to the top lash line for a precisely lined eye. If you love the winged liner like I do, this brush is perfect for achieving that look!
These brushes along with my other products can be found at:
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Carrie :)


Friday, February 21, 2014

Bridal Beauty Prep Timeline

Wedding season is quickly approaching which means the hustle and bustle of wedding planning is in full force. From the dress, to the venue, there are so many small details in between! As my 2014 calendar is quickly filling up, I have decided to compile a simple yet informative list that I hope helps break down the bridal beauty timeline into a few easy steps.

Bridal Beauty Timeline:

12 to 6 months prior to wedding:  

    Book Makeup Artist: Most artists book a year advance. Do your research, choose one that fits your style and personality. Decide if you want airbrush or traditional, freelance artist that works on location or one that works the hair salon. Note that some salons do not allow outside makeup artists so make sure to check in advance so you don’t run into issues. Start workout routine if desired. Start slow and steady to avoid any injuries. Don't forget to work those arms, because they will be the center of attention, no matter what dress style you choose. Now is the time to become besties with the weight room!

2 to 4 months prior:
        Schedule facials to best prep your skin, remove excess dead skin etc. If you have problematic skin, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to get your issues under control.

4 to 6 weeks prior:  
    Do trial runs on everything! Hair, makeup, spray tanning. No one wants so be unpleasantly surprised on their wedding day! Bring picture inspirations to your trial and be honest and realistic with the look that you are trying to achieve. Make sure you are the skin shade that you are going to be on your wedding day. To get the full effect, try to schedule your makeup and hair trails on the same day so you can really get a feel for your complete look.

1 week prior:
    Freshen up your hair color, get a trim,and do any waxing at this time. Remember eyebrows are your friends so now is not the time to go tweezer happy!

2 days prior:   
    Get your spray tan, manicure, pedicure, and a massage if you have time. Relax and pamper yourself! Night before: Wash any excess makeup thoroughly, wash your hair and dry (styles best when slightly dirty).

   Make sure to arrive at all appointments on time. Plan accordingly with hair and makeup to allow enough time. Relax and get your glam on!