Friday, February 21, 2014

Bridal Beauty Prep Timeline

Wedding season is quickly approaching which means the hustle and bustle of wedding planning is in full force. From the dress, to the venue, there are so many small details in between! As my 2014 calendar is quickly filling up, I have decided to compile a simple yet informative list that I hope helps break down the bridal beauty timeline into a few easy steps.

Bridal Beauty Timeline:

12 to 6 months prior to wedding:  

    Book Makeup Artist: Most artists book a year advance. Do your research, choose one that fits your style and personality. Decide if you want airbrush or traditional, freelance artist that works on location or one that works the hair salon. Note that some salons do not allow outside makeup artists so make sure to check in advance so you don’t run into issues. Start workout routine if desired. Start slow and steady to avoid any injuries. Don't forget to work those arms, because they will be the center of attention, no matter what dress style you choose. Now is the time to become besties with the weight room!

2 to 4 months prior:
        Schedule facials to best prep your skin, remove excess dead skin etc. If you have problematic skin, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to get your issues under control.

4 to 6 weeks prior:  
    Do trial runs on everything! Hair, makeup, spray tanning. No one wants so be unpleasantly surprised on their wedding day! Bring picture inspirations to your trial and be honest and realistic with the look that you are trying to achieve. Make sure you are the skin shade that you are going to be on your wedding day. To get the full effect, try to schedule your makeup and hair trails on the same day so you can really get a feel for your complete look.

1 week prior:
    Freshen up your hair color, get a trim,and do any waxing at this time. Remember eyebrows are your friends so now is not the time to go tweezer happy!

2 days prior:   
    Get your spray tan, manicure, pedicure, and a massage if you have time. Relax and pamper yourself! Night before: Wash any excess makeup thoroughly, wash your hair and dry (styles best when slightly dirty).

   Make sure to arrive at all appointments on time. Plan accordingly with hair and makeup to allow enough time. Relax and get your glam on!