Friday, March 14, 2014

      Hey everyone! So excited to finally sit down and give you the scoop on my new Sta-Glam Brush line. As you all know, I teach group and individual Make 101 lessons and I always struggled on finding affordable and quality brushes to recommend to my clients. It is no secret that I love Mac brushes, especially the 217 crease brush, which I swear is life changing when you are a makeup junkie like myself. However, I was not comfortable recommending such pricey items to my clients, and that my friends is how the Sta-Glam brushes were born (or manufactured for a lack of better words?!).

      The Sta-Glam brushes are a private label line that include  six eye brushes that I swear by to get the perfect smokey eye finished with the ever popular and my fave the winged liner. What about my favorite Mac 217 brush you ask? You know I have you covered with a brush that is almost an exact dupe with my version of the fluffy crease brush.

1)  Smudge Brush: Another fave of mine. Tiny but mighty, this brush is used to line the bottom of your lashes with shadow for a faux liner look and also can be used to smudge out your top liner for a softer look yet sexy look.
2)  Shader Brush: Use this brush to apply shadow to the entirety of the lid. Perfect for building up color. Make sure to pat your shadow on your lid as opposed to swiping the color all over your lid for better pigment payoff and less shadow fallout.
3) Fluffy Blending Brush: A must have, makeup artist or not! This brush is used to blend out harsh lines from transitioning  shadow colors giving your shadow a polished and gradient look. When it doubt blend it out!
4) Fluffy Crease Brush: My version of the Mac 217, but at a fourth of the price! This brush is used to apply color to the crease of the eye, on and above in a wind shield wiper motion. Cannot say enough about how awesome this brush is!
5) Precision Pencil Brush: Perfect brush for applying shadow (usually the darkest color of shadow) to the outer v of the eye to get that bombshell smoky eye!  Also, used to smoke out shadow on the bottom of lashes for a more dramatic look.
6) Angled liner brush: Pair this brush with gel liner (L'Oreal infallible is my go to!) and apply to the top lash line for a precisely lined eye. If you love the winged liner like I do, this brush is perfect for achieving that look!
These brushes along with my other products can be found at:
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Carrie :)


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