Thursday, October 24, 2013

Makeup 101 Classes

    Good morning! Did you all miss me? I been super crazy busy glamming up beauties and have been mentally blogging along the way, which would be great if you could read my mind, right? I have a million things I want to write about but narrowed it down to breaking down the components of my newly added service, Make up 101 Classes!

     Still using those eye shadow applicators that come with your drug store shadows? QUICK toss those suckers to the curb! Putting foundation on with your good old bare hands, STOP that too! Going to be bed with your makeup still on? NOOOO, if your skin could talk it would say, "STOP SUFFOCATIG ME SILLY GIRL!" Spending loads of money on the latest trends of products from Sephora and you haven't a clue to where to start, your bank account (and hubby!) will thank me as well.

    No worries, this is where I come in and is one of the main reasons I decided to offer this service. Makeup 101 classes consist of a personal session with me, where I go over all the basics of makeup tools, products, tips, tricks, etc. I include some basic brushes and samples to get you started, because to me using the proper brushes is far more important than products. You don't put mayo on your sandwich with a fork do you?! Exactly my point.

    Also, I encourage you to bring your own products to these classes so I can analyze the products you already use, show you how to use them, and suggest products based upon what you already have and the look that you are want to achieve. Lucky for you, I have already wasted tons of $$$$  (shhh...don't tell my hubby!) on products that I like, love, and some that quite frankly are good for nothing more than handing down to my five year old daughter. I show you looks that are great for day or night, or if you are like me a look that can take you to from the gym to kindergarten pick up!

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