Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for 5 favorite products under 5 bucks!

    Happy November! Seriously, is it just me or to October go super fast? It was an awesome month in Sta-Glam land. I was honored to be a part of eight gorgeous wedding parties and had a blast glamming them all up. I plan on sharing some of their gorgeous faces in a future post.

Moving along, lets get to the real scoop! I have been dying to share some of my favorite products under five bucks. I totally realize that not everyone wants to drop the big bucks when building their own personal makeup stash. I totally get it! I do love me some Urban Decay, Lorac, and Mac, but believe me I am no stranger to the drugstore brands. Lucky for you, I'm a small town girl at heart  who loves her a great deal!


1. ELF mascara shield

Elf makes an awesome little mascara shield majiggy! It is amazing and I use it on all my clients. Totally helps you maximize your lash volume and definition while protecting your pretty eye shadow from mascara bleeding to the top of your lids.

2. Aquaphor Lip Repair

If you have kids, you probably already have this stuff at your house. It is an awesome multi purpose product that cures all things from dry lips to diaper rash. I even slather this on my face at night in hopes of preventing the curse of aging!

3. Conair teasing brush

Meet the love of my life (next to my family of course!). I cannot say enough amazing things about this brush, I use this thing every day, and get severe anxiety when my toddler decides to hide it from me. Seriously though, it is a must have if you love big hair as much as I do. You can "tease it to Jesus" with this thing!

4. Target makeup remover towelettes

I love that all my products are long lasting, but they can be a pain to get off when it is time to go to bed. These things are awesome for getting all that gunk off your eyes, face, etc. and it also helps your from ruining your washcloths.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color Click On My HyperPink

5. Wet n' Wild Megalast lip gloss

The name says it all, its lasts and lasts and lasts! This products offers great colors, a semi matte finish and are under 3 bucks! Great addition to any kit!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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